7th Athens Biennale ECLIPSE | Spring 2021

The 7th Athens Biennale ECLIPSE moves through serie sounds and fallen symbols, signaling the moment of transformation. What is to come?

Inspired by the constant state of uncertainty, AB7: ECLIPSE explores tomorrow’s potentialities through sonic and visual signs of the past, the present and the future, leading up to the exhibition’s opening in Spring 2021.

Full-moon soundscapes: A synesthetic experience

A series of soundscapes, functioning as a synesthetic link among the various AB7 concepts, introduce us to the exhibition’s forthcoming experience. Every full moon, the 7th Athens Biennale invites music and sound artists to cast their vision of ECLIPSE into a single mixtape, inspired by a thematic spectrum spanning from African music to the most mystical, experimental and electronic sounds.

In August full moon, Teranga Beat crosses 50 years of African music with Hybrid iD, a mixtape that reinstates primal vibrations and rhythms. In September, K.atou sends out Moon Frequencies, taking us through hollow beats and cosmic synths in a journey to all things invisible to the human eye. For October’s double full moon, the Waiting Room project grasps the sound of time interval and the differential subjective experiences inside it: GRΞΤΑ narrates the story of a memory lapse after an Avalanche, while on the last day of the month Ayshel follows up with her own sonic perception of this quasi-void period.


A digital platform for the omens of our daily life

Fleeting stimuli we come across everyday and trigger feelings οf tomorrow’s potentialities — scenarios of unspoken expectations, imminent dystopias and hopeful perspectives. A stray black cat, a ray of light in total darkness, a broken mirror, a writing on the wall; plain coincidences or callings of the forthcoming? Spotting and capturing the signs around us that give away different future contingencies, AB7: ECLIPSE invites us to jointly assemble the pieces of the obscure mosaic of our era.

As a call to be primarily unfolded through Instagram, ECLIPSEomens aspires to pivot our attention to long-ignored messages, lingering in our everyday routines, hidden in the photos we take, on our old albums, in our social media feeds.

Share your own omens with us, mentioning @athensbiennale on your Ιnstagram stories and using the #ECLIPSEomens on your Ιnstagram posts.